• Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Driver - Graphite Design Tour AD 40 - Right Hand/10.5 degree/Senior Flex

43388 Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Driver - Graphite Design Tour AD 40 - Right Hand/10.5 degree/Senior Flex


The XCG6 driver is our most advanced Exotics driver ever, offering everything youve come to expect from an Exotics driver but now with an adjustable hosel for the ultimate in ball flight control. Shot Control Technology (SCT) allows you to adjust four face-angle/loft settings to optimize launch characteristics for maximum distance and control. With a simple twist of the SCT wrench you can adjust the face angle, loft, and lie of the XCG6 driver. For example, if your tee shots tend to draw or hook (a right to left ball flight for a right handed golfer), select the O or open position on the SCT hosel. If your drives tend to fade or slice (a left to right ball flight for a right handed golfer) select the C or closed position for more slice correction or the U or upright position for less slice correction. If your tee shots are mostly straight select the N or neutral position on the SCT hosel.

In the sole, maximum heel/toe weighting is created by four hexahedron weight pads that deliver a higher MOI for greater stability and greater distance. An advanced multilevel face design maximizes ball speed on all strike points on the face by incorporating multiple levels of variable face thickness that maximize the spring-like effect. By thinning and thickening the forged titanium face, the spider web ribbons allow for maximum elongation of the titanium for enhanced feel and rebound.

Two superior shaft choices make the XCG6 the premier driver in golf. The Matrix Ozik HD features Interply technology that has dynamic effects on ball speed and on sidespin reduction. The super-lightweight Graphite Design Tour AD generates extra club head speed at any swing speed for longer shots off the tee.





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