43435 Reebok 16K SicKick 4 Grip Composite Senior Hockey Stick - Left Hand/Hedman/Regular Flex


Standing near the middle of the SicKick line is the Reebok 16K SicKick 4 Grip Composite stick. Offering great performance at a great price youll find nothing less than innovative features with the 16K stick.

The 16K is a one piece fused carbon composite stick that features Reeboks Dual Matrix II construction. The Dual Matrix II is a process that uses fibers angled at 45 degrees on the backhand and 90 degrees on the forehand that causes a sibling rivalry and a lot of tension between the two. This tension is put into action during shot loading, creating a slingshot like effect during the release of a puck for absolute dangerous shots.

Down to the blade of the 16K youll find Reeboks Accublade. The Accublade practically eliminates the amount of blade deflection, or the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting, improving blade control and pinpoint shooting accuracy.

The 16K is equipped with some of Reeboks most advanced and innovative features. Youll do nothing less than dangle and snipe all game long.





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