43491 CCM RBZ 60 Grip Composite Intermediate Hockey Stick - Left Hand/Tavares/Light Flex


Strap a rocket to the puck with the CCM RBZ 60 powered by TaylorMade. Though the RBZ 60 is the little brother to the regular RBZ, it still offers most of the same technology but this time at a lower price.

The 60 still brings the power of TaylorMade's cutting-edge technology to the sport of hockey.

As opposed to the SpeedBlade Technology used in the RBZ, the RBZ 60 uses a foam core that is slightly heavier but still packs a powerful punch. The foam cuts down on blade tension and allows you to cradle the puck with ease.

In the world of golf, TaylorMade introduced the Coefficient of Restitution. Also known as the trampoline effect. In hockey terms, this is where the blade releases stored energy upon impact. This technology helps eliminate energy lost on impact and maximizes puck speed off the blade, resulting in harder passes and heavier shots.

The RBZ 60 is constructed with slightly modified composite material when compared to the standard RBZ. This composite is still Grade A material, but it's slightly heavier, clocking in at a healthy 499 grams vs 454 grams (senior size) of its uber-light older brother. The extra weight makes the RBZ 60 ideal for defensive players, stronger players, or any players just looking for a darn good value.

The RBZ 60 still features Power Swing Technology, which provides a finer weight and flex distribution, giving you more torque on your follow-through and a quicker release. The constant stiffness of the shaft gives you a customized kick-point for optimal loading.

The RBZ 60 was designed for the player who wants to fire an accurate shot that will blow a hole in the back of the net.

Dont just shoot the puck. Drive it.





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